Hyannis Sound 2019

Below are the 10 guys that compose this year's edition of Hyannis Sound. Each member of the group has a specific job, and each is integral to a successful summer.


Nolan Roche, Business Manager

Orange, CT | Bowdoin College ‘19

Nolan is a bass-baritone from Orange, CT entering his third summer with Hyannis Sound. Nolan has taken on the role of Business Manager, a position which he couldn’t be more excited to take on. The build-up to the summer has been challenging, but Nolan is thrilled to be back on Cape, ready to take on a jam-packed 2019 schedule.

In May Nolan graduated from Bowdoin College, earning a dual degree in Economics and Government. In the fall, he’s moving to New York City to start his post-graduate career with Third Bridge, a primary research group specializing in expert networking for financial firms. With Maine and New York on either side of the summer, Nolan is ready to make the most of this summer as a bridge between his academic and professional life.

In high school, Nolan fell in love with singing after joining The Blue Notes, the school's a cappella group. At Bowdoin, he sang with the Longfellows, the all-male a cappella group there. He also played guitar in a band with five of his classmates.

Nolan loves to hike, fish, run, and read. In fact, his love for fishing led him to take part on a commercial salmon fishing expedition in Alaska over the summer of 2016. During his Sophomore year, Nolan served as the president of Ladd House, one of Bowdoin's eight College Houses.

Nolan would like to thank his family for their unending love and support, and can't wait to see them on Cape this summer! Additionally, Nolan would like to thank his friends, teachers and mentors at Hotchkiss, Bowdoin, and beyond for their countless life lessons and inspiration.

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Matt Goldstein, Music Director

Sharon, MA | Vassar College '17

Matt Goldstein is thrilled to be returning as Music Director for his third summer with Hyannis Sound! After working as a freelance musical arranger/educator in Denver for the past 8 months, Matt drove all the way across the country (picking Ben up along the way) to make it back for another summer on the Cape. While he made many good friends and explored many beautiful mountains out in Colorado (and misses them both dearly), there is nothing quite like a summer with Hyannis Sound, and this year is already proving to be the best one yet!

Matt, currently 23 years of age, spent his high school days in Sharon, Massachusetts doing exactly what you’d expect - lots of singing. In addition to performing in at least 100 concerts, Matt co-founded an a cappella group called “Pitch, Please”, which he led for 3 years.

Matt continued his a cappella adventures at Vassar College with The Vassar Devils. After becoming the group’s music director in his sophomore year, he led the group to perform at ICCA (International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella) Finals, to win the BOSS (Boston Sings) competition, and even to perform for President and First Lady Obama at the White House! 

When he’s not making music, Matt enjoys building blanket forts, hiking during that golden hour of sunlight right before sunset, and purchasing string lights from Amazon.

Matt would like to thank his family and friends, who mean the world to him and have made all of this possible. He is so honored to be a part of this incredible Hyannis Sound family, and is already looking forward to getting to meet all 103 guys & their families at the 25th reunion.

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Will Wolz, Operations Manager

Richmond, VA | College of William and Mary '18

Will Wolz is so excited to be returning to the Cape for his third summer with the Hyannis Sound! He is 23 years old from Richmond, VA, and he graduated from the College of William & Mary in 2018. He still attends William & Mary, where he just finished his first of 2 years of a Master’s program in Computer Science.

Will has played instruments throughout his entire life, but only began singing towards the end of high school. In college, he sang in the a cappella group No Ceiling, played sitar in the Indian music ensemble, and sang in the Botetourt Chamber Singers. In his spare time, Will loves adventuring outdoors, reading, and cooking. He also enjoys all genres of music and discovering new artists to listen to on repeat, so let him know if you have any suggestions!

He can’t wait for another summer full of performing, camaraderie, and fun, as well as exploring the Cape any chance he gets. Will would like to thank all of his family and friends for their never-ending support and encouragement, and looks forward to sharing this experience with everyone!

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Peter Carboni, Social Media Manager

Wareham, MA | University of Massachusetts Amherst '17

Peter is thrilled to be back for his third summer with Hyannis Sound, returning to the position of Social Media and Website Manager. Above all, he can’t wait to see all of the familiar faces of Cape Cod.

Peter graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a bachelor’s in Psychology and a certificate in Sustainable Food and Farming. In college, he was the creative director of the Doo Wop Shop.

Peter spent the last year living in Brooklyn, NY pursuing a handful of entrepreneurial projects. He ran multiple small businesses ranging from blogging, social media/influencer marketing and consulting, e-commerce, and even pet-sitting during his time in the city.

In New York, Peter began his song writing career working with various electronic music producers and songwriters. He’s excited to continue along this path after his tenure in the Sound, but for now he’s grateful for the opportunity to hit the ground running on Cape.

Peter would like to extend his gratitude to his friends and family for their unwavering support. He’s blessed to have such a loving network of people that only want the best for him.

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Beckett Azevedo, Alumni Liason

Westford, MA | Wesleyan University '21

Beckett is beyond thrilled to be entering his second summer on the Cape with Hyannis Sound! He is from Westford, MA, and he is a rising junior at Wesleyan University.

Beckett participated in musical theater throughout his childhood, which ended up leading him to attend high school at Walnut Hill School for the Arts in Natick, MA. There, he was a Theater major for his first two years and a Writing, Film, & Media Arts major for his last two years. 

He recently transferred to Wesleyan from Cornell University, where he was in the all-male a cappella group “Last Call.” During his freshman year at Cornell, he travelled with his group to perform in Hong Kong and Seoul, putting up a sold-out concert in Seoul and performing at a Cornell Leadership Conference in Hong Hong. 

Now, at Wesleyan, Beckett is double majoring in Psychology and Hispanic Literatures and Cultures. He is active in the student-run theater group “Second Stage.” Most recently, he played the role of Dan in Second Stage’s production of Next to Normal, and he is looking forward to participating in other productions in the coming semesters! 

Aside from all things music, Beckett loves oreo McFlurries, a good laugh (for example, “Ha!”), being outdoors, spontaneous car rides, competitive card games, spreading kindness, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and philosophical chats around a camp fire.

Beckett would like to extend a sincere thank-you to his mom, his siblings, his friends, and his teachers & mentors along the way. He’d also like to extend an immense thanks to his enormous Hyannis Sound family for their never-ending support and love.

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Brendan Jacob Smith, Video Content Manager

Brooklyn, NY | Ithaca College '19

Brendan Jacob Smith is a singer, actor, and songwriter from Brooklyn, New York. He's thrilled to be back on Cape for his second summer with Hyannis Sound.

Brendan began singing in nursery school, where he was often mistaken for a soprano. At home, he drove his family nuts with his constant singing, and enjoyed putting on private performances for his beloved cats, Fatty and Skinny (they are big time fans).

Brendan soon moved onto choir, theatrical productions, and concerts at Fiorello LaGuardia High School (also known as the school in Fame), making his stage debut there as Teen Angel in Grease.

After the summer, Brendan will be moving into his final semester at Ithaca College, where he studies music and theater. More recently, Brendan sang in Considering Matthew Shepard at Ithaca and also played the role of Frankie Epps in Parade at the Finger Lakes Musical Theatre Festival.

When he's back in New York City, Brendan writes his own original music, performs at some the city’s favorite venues alongside his brother Damon (and of course for his cats). Brendan also loved to take the A train to surf at Rockaway Beach. He would like to thank his parents for their endless support.


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Jordan Rubenstein, Events Coordinator

New York, NY | Amherst College '19

Jordan Rubenstein is over the moon to join Hyannis Sound for his first summer! Originally from New York City, Jordan is a baritone and a recent graduate of Amherst College in Amherst, MA where he double majored in neuroscience and music. Jordan plans to pursue a career in medicine specializing in vocal disorders. 

Jordan started playing jazz guitar in the third grade, but fell in love with singing when he got to college and was accepted into the Zumbyes.

He discovered Hyannis Sound during his freshman year of college when a senior in the Zumbyes put on “Rocksteady” during a car ride. Ever since, he’s been watching videos and listening to albums, so the opportunity to actually be in the group is a dream come true!

Jordan would like to thank his friends for letting him ramble about the Hyannis Sound for years, his voice teacher Tom for continually pushing him to reach his potential, and, most of all, his Mom for sitting through countless performances, her support with lessons and formative musical experiences, and her unwavering support and affection. He cannot wait to make some incredible memories this summer!

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Colin Watts, Merchandise Manager

Winchester, VA | University of Virginia ‘19

Colin is a small-town guy from Winchester, VA, and is excited to become Hyannis Sound’s resident country boy! He enrolled at the University of Virginia in 2016, and made it into the school’s robe-wearing a cappella group, the Hullabahoos.

While a cappella takes up a great deal of his life, he somehow finds the time to double-major in Public Policy & Music. In addition to Hullabahoos and academics, Colin sings in UVA’s choir, the University Singers. While his mom has learned to love a cappella and choir music, Colin thinks she is still a bit miffed that he doesn’t play the violin much after playing since the age of 5 (sorry Mrs. Watts!).

In his spare time, Colin loves cheering on UVA sports teams (GO HOOS!!!), avoiding his homework, and hanging out with friends on the picturesque Lawn at UVA. 

Colin first heard of Hyannis Sound through Avi Montañez (a Hullabahoos/Hyannis Sound alum) back in 2016, and has followed the group from afar since then. He is PUMPED to be part of such a talented group, and can’t wait for summer to get started!

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Ben Vance, Residential Coordinator

DeKalb, IL | Washington University ‘21

Ben couldn’t be more excited to be back on Cape for his second summer with Hyannis Sound. Originally from DeKalb, Illinois, Ben is a Tenor who just completed his sophomore year at Washington University in St. Louis, where he studies Economics, Linguistics, and Russian Language and Literature.

Ben’s passion for music began with the cello, which he picked up in 6th grade. In his sophomore year of high school, he joined his school’s a cappella group, an experience that caused Ben to fall in love with singing. Subsequently, he joined several other singing ensembles during high school.

Ben is also a member of the Washington University Amateurs, a co-ed a cappella group, of which he is honored to hold the positions of both Recording Chair and Business Manager. In fact, the person who told Ben about Hyannis Sound in the first place was an alumnus of his college group!

When Ben isn’t singing, he enjoys painting, watching bad tv shows, driving around in the cornfields of his homeland, and of course, sleeping. Ben can’t wait to see what his second summer summer holds for him, and he would like to thank his friends, family, and teachers for helping him to grow as a musician and allowing him to pursue his passions. He would also like to thank the friends and family of Hyannis Sound for making Cape his second home!

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Jarell Green, Public Relations Coordinator

Rochester, NY | Rochester Institute of Technology '21

Jarell is from Rochester, NY, and cannot wait for his first summer with Hyannis Sound! He’s a 20 year old Sophomore at Rochester Institute of Technology studying Packaging Science. Jarell is a member of RIT’s original all-male a cappella group, Eight Beat Measure.

Jarell was inspired to be an entertainer as he grew up watching Michael Jackson concerts and music videos on YouTube. 

He considers himself both eccentric and loving, with an undeniable passion for singing. He can’t wait to share this passion with all the guys in Hyannis Sound, and everyone on Cape Cod!

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