Hyannis Sound

Cape Cod’s finest a cappella since 1994.


"Get to a show...or 8, or 9!"

"Going to see Hyannis Sound shows each summer has become one of our favorite family activities. All of the guys are extremely talented and friendly to their fans. We especially like the way the whole group interacts with the audience members after each show. If you want to hear some great A Cappella singing and make new friends, get to a show... or eight or nine! See you there!"

- Everett


“A Cappella All-Stars”

"In each of the major professional American sports, there is a yearly tradition where the "best" players are voted or selected to participate in an All Star Game. As a kid, I loved the baseball and basketball events because I could watch the signature players of the era do the things which made them precisely that. Hyannis Sound is, and has been for quite some time, the "All Star" team of male collegiate a cappella singers..."

-Dave Bernstein, Recorded A Cappella Review Board


"They put the Sunshine in my summer and a smile in my heart"

"I attended my first Hyannis Sound concert in search of an evening of musical entertainment and I so thoroughly enjoyed myself that I came back several more times that summer. As time passed, I came more and more frequently every year. Their concerts are about so much more than their music - these talented, hard-working, caring young men share a part of themselves with their audience every night. They've embraced me as part of their family. As such, they put the sunshine in my summer and a smile in my heart!"

- Paula

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