Hyannis Sound Alumni

Founded in 1994 by 10 courageous leaders, Hyannis Sound has grown into a connected family of all ages. Lifelong friendships and connections are made between these inspirational men that came before us, and they serve as beacons of respect for the examples they are for this group. Below you'll find a list of all of the members of Hyannis Sound that have passed down their membership to another. Click on a name to learn more about them! (Alumni Bios coming soon!)


Townsend Belisle (Founder)

Rob Stewart

Mike Roufa

Mike Barnacle

Sasha Chanoff

Aarron Pina

Alex Bartlett

Darren Coyle

Dave Hannah

Dave Goryl

Judd Tomaselli

Brian Sowell

Brendan Largay

Winston Miller

Nate Altimari

Nick Niles

Mike LeBlanc

Warren Bloom

Tim Harrison

Matt Knowland

Jason Brown

Samrat Chakrabarti

Billy Caleo

James Caran

Jeff Tolonen

Matt Henderson

Matt Wrobel

Nick Asselin

Dave Cary

Dave Petrelli

Mark Hannah

Darrell Belch

Dylan McDonald

Jason Taylor

Eric Fosbury

Roopak Ahuja

James Harrington

Mark Manley

Victor Sandman

Aithan Shapira

Greg Binstock

Collins Ward

Ed Boyer

Micah Christian

Andy Delong

Arjun Jaikumar

Cooper Cerulo

Doug Fraser

Joey Akl

Matt Labak

Dave Snell

Patrick Lundquist

Paul Toms

Rob Powers

Tim Bongiovanni

Tyler Trepp

Phil Landry

Nate Tao

Seth Ohrn

Brian O'Shaughnessy

Alfredo Austin

Jeff Eames

Joe Whitney

Brendan Mason

Mike Hilliker

Jim Hogan

Kevin Pidgeon

Colin Egan

Mike Hubbard

Marc Whittington

Daniel Spector

Brandon Borror-Chapella

Liam Fennecken

Noah Berg

Jared Suresky

Jackson Thea

Andy Degan

Devon Barley

Chris Puchi

Nick Cafero

Sean Switzer

Mike Leona

Jon Smith

Alex Spears

Avi Montañez

Nick Oberlies

Nick Cipriano

Mark Farnum

Grayson Kilgo

Anthony Rodriguez

Jason Berk

Jared Graveley

Ryan LaForest